Holiday Assignment For SS3. August 2019

List and explain the four floral parts of the flowers
Define cables (b) Mention two types of cables.
Write short note on (I) input/output (ii) Fibre optic (III) Ethernet cross over (iv) Patch cable (v) coaxial cable
(a) What us Network topology?
b. State any four types of Network topology.
c. Write short note on any of the three Network topology mentioned.
1. Describe the formation and objectives of ECOWAS
2. List and discuss the organs of ECOWAS
1. Discuss the events that led to the Kano Riot of 1953.
2. Describe the features of military governments in West Africa
1. With Reference To 1 Peter, what are the characteristics of Christian life in the community?
2. State the behavioural patterns which Peter recommended for Christian servants living among non-Christians
1a. what is petroleum?
b. List and explain 6 fractions of crude oil
2 Explain the following (i) cracking (ii) reforming (iii) octane number