Holiday Assignment For SS2. August 2019

1. State the function(s) of each of the following plant tissues
ii. Collenchyma
iii. Sclerenchyma
iv. Xylem
V. phloem

1a. Explain credit.
1b. Explain three ways by which banks grant credit to customers
c. Give two advantages and three disadvantages of credit sales
2.OLAJAY Enterprise’s financial position as at 31st December 2018 is as follows:
Furniture 2500
Motor van 1000
Stock 31st Dec. 8000
Debtors 5000
Creditors 3000
Cash in hand 7000
Bank Overdraft 1200
Typing 4500
Capital 8000
One year cooperative loan 4100
Profit for the year 1700
Calculate: i. Capital Owned ii. Working capital iii. Current liabilities iv.Fixed asset v. Capital employed.

1. Describe the CPU
2. Write short note on (I) ALU (ii) Control unit (III) Memory unit
3. Explain the fixed disk drive.
4. State four examples of storage device.
1a. Explain Private and public Limited Liability Company b. Mention and Explain the features Private and public Limited Liability Company c. Highlight the advantages and disadvantages of Private and public Limited Liability Company
2. Explain the following terms: i. memorandum of association ii. Articles of association iii. Prospectus iv. Certificate of incorporation v. Certificate of trading
1. What do you understand by public opinion?
2. List and discuss five agents which help in the formation of public opinion
1. Distinguish between the fruit of the spirit and that of the flesh (with bible references)
2. Enumerate the process of bearing the fruits of the spirit

Discus five major causes of unemployment in Nigeria.

Briefly explain processing of animal product
Mention and explain the methods of milk withdrawal.

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