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Holiday Assignment For SS3. August 2019

BIOLOGYList and explain the four floral parts of the flowersCOMPUTER Define cables (b) Mention two types of cables.Write short note on (I) input/output (ii) Fibre optic (III) Ethernet cross over (iv) Patch cable (v) coaxial cable(a) What us Network topology?b. State any four types of Network topology.c. Write short note on any of the three […]

Holiday Assignment For SS2. August 2019

BIOLOGY1. State the function(s) of each of the following plant tissuesi.Parenchymaii. Collenchymaiii. Sclerenchymaiv. XylemV. phloem COMMERCE1a. Explain credit. 1b. Explain three ways by which banks grant credit to customersc. Give two advantages and three disadvantages of credit sales2.OLAJAY Enterprise’s financial position as at 31st December 2018 is as follows:     NFurniture 2500Motor van 1000Stock 31st […]

Holiday Assignment For SS 1. August 2019

COMPUTERDefine the computer system.Explain the two major components of the computer.What is computer peripheral?Write short note on fixed disk. CRS1. Narrate the first creation story in Genesis and explain how God established his sovereignty over his creation2. Recite the Apostle creed.ENGLISH LANGUAGEWrite a narrative essay on ‘My experience as a bully’

Holiday Assignment For JSS 3. August 2019

ENGLISH LANGUAGEWhat is composition?Define the seven types of composition we have in English COMPUTERWhat is Database?State three types of database.Define the following: Schema, Record,Field and Key.Explain the three types of Database.CRSNarrate the story of how Jesus borrowed Peter’s boat to preach to multitude. AGRICExplain Agricultural Stock Exchange2. List five importance of stock exchange in agriculture […]